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About Digon Design

Blending Local Expertise with Global Standards:  Elevating Tulsa’s Digital Landscape is not just a mission, it’s our passion.

Rooted in Tulsa:  Home is where our heart is. We’re committed to spotlighting local businesses, making them luminaries in the vast online world.

Passion & Results:  Our love of data drives us and defines us. We’re fueled by fervor and marked by measurable outcomes.

Discover Our Story:  Dive deep and explore the essence, the spirit, and the unwavering commitment of Digon Design.

Our Mission at Digon Design

We envision a digital realm where local pride and global standards merge flawlessly.

Our mission is to bridge the transparency gap in the digital industry, ensuring businesses in Tulsa stay ahead of online advancements.

We strive to provide local expertise with global standards, empowering businesses to navigate the ever-evolving digital landscape.

By offering transparency and insights, we equip our clients with the knowledge and tools they need to make informed decisions and achieve mastery in their online presence.

At Digon Design, we are committed to helping businesses in Tulsa thrive in the digital age.

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Our Vision

Crafting a digital landscape where Tulsa's heartbeat meets world-class excellence.
Tulsa Networking Professionals

Imagine a team entirely comprised of Tulsa locals, dedicated to the growth and prosperity of the community you’re both a part of.

At Digon Design, this is our vision.

We strive to be the driving force behind the next wave of top-tier businesses leading Tulsa’s development, pouring our energy and resources into initiatives that uplift our community. 

With a deep understanding of our community’s unique needs and challenges, we are committed to creating a vibrant future that showcases the mastery of our craft and the potential of our local partners.

Our Core Values

Anchoring our ethos: where local spirit and global aspirations converge.


We're in the business of forging unwavering partnerships. Our clients aren’t just clients; they're friends, neighbors, collaborators, and partners.


In the fast-paced realm of digital, we’re always ten steps ahead, harnessing the latest trends and technology to supercharge your online journey.


When we promise, we deliver. Our commitment isn't just a pledge; it's the bedrock of every project we undertake.

Local Pride

Tulsa isn’t just a location; it's our heartbeat. Every decision we make is a tribute to the community we love so much.


Greatness is a team sport. We brainstorm, create, and conquer the digital space hand-in-hand with our partners.


Growth isn’t just about today; we're sowing seeds for enduring prosperity, for our clients and the Tulsa community.

Meet Our Team

Learn about the experts we have in-house and our local company partnerships.
Dominic Schultz - Digon Design's Founder

Dominic Schultz | Digon Design's Founder

An entrepreneur at heart and a digital visionary, Dominic Schultz's journey began with starting, and running a local service business in in the Chicago suburbs, and Tulsa after moving back home.

Recognizing the vast potential and the evolving landscape of digital marketing, he transitioned into the realm of online strategy and founded Digon Design.

Dominic's mission is more than just creating digital solutions; it's about redefining transparency in the digital world.

With a dedication to bringing global standards to the local scene, he is passionately driving Digon Design to elevate Tulsa's digital landscape, one project at a time.

Tulsa Networking Professionals

Our Talented Team of Tulsa-Based Experts

At Digon Design, our strength lies in our people—a diverse ensemble of digital virtuosos all hailing from the Tulsa area.

Our team boasts a rich tapestry of expertise, and every project receives a personal touch.

It’s not just about skills; it's about passion, dedication, and an unwavering commitment to seeing Tulsa businesses thrive both locally and on the Internet's global stage.

Why work with Digon Design?

Where dedication meets innovation: Discover the Digon Design difference.

Unrivaled Expertise

Our team thrives on delivering top-tier digital services. Our track record speaks for itself: from propelling our partners to the zenith of Google rankings to crafting robust web designs, we're unmatched in what we do.

Local at Heart

Outsourcing? That's not in our dictionary. Every member of our team is a proud Tulsan. We understand the nuances of the local market better than anyone else, ensuring your business resonates deeply within the community.

Results-Oriented Approach

Our association with clients goes beyond mere service provision. We start our journey with an in-depth discovery meeting, followed by a presentation of tailored strategies. We're not just about clicks. We're about conversions and tangible growth.

Client-First Ethos

We see our clients as partners. By ensuring consistent communication, methodical implementation, and comprehensive reviews, we ensure that you're always in the loop and satisfied with our approach.

Community Involvement

Our ties to Tulsa aren’t just professional; they're deeply personal. From networking events to partnerships with local businesses and organizations, our commitment to Tulsa’s growth is unwavering.

Holistic Digital Solutions

Whether it's potent local SEO strategies, captivating web designs, or specialized drone services capturing the essence of your business, we’ve got you covered. One partnership with Digon Design provides you with a comprehensive digital toolkit.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) 🤔

Here are some of our most frequently asked questions and answers.

Digon, the mathematical term referring to a circle, encapsulates our philosophy perfectly. Born from the saying “what goes around comes around,” Digon Design has always been about radiating positivity and excellence into the world. Our belief is strong: when we give our best in every interaction, the universe reciprocates by bringing the best back to us.

Our journey commenced from a humble home office back in late 2020. Since then, Digon Design’s influence has expanded far beyond Tulsa, winning hearts and businesses around the world. Our drive remains as fervent as day one, with visions of continued growth and boundless aspirations for the days to come.

Our doors and expertise are open to everyone, from the passionate local businesses that form the backbone of Tulsa, to the dynamic Fortune 500 giants that shape the world. Our versatile portfolio is a testament to our adaptive and inclusive approach to digital solutions.

While our heart beats for Tulsa, our services span beyond its borders. We collaborate with a spectrum of clients, from local artisans to global industry leaders. Whether it’s an informational website, a captivating portfolio, or a bustling e-commerce platform, we’re equipped to elevate any business, anywhere.

Our roots trace back to the auto detailing and automotive sectors, where our entrepreneurial spirit first ignited. The journey through marketing, sales, web design, SEO, and aerial photography wasn’t just a venture, but a passion-driven exploration. These experiences were the catalysts that transitioned us from being mere participants in the digital realm to leading voices and guides.

It’s the Digon touch! From the outset, every client, every project is more than just a business transaction; it’s a partnership. Our approach deviates from the cookie-cutter norm. Instead, we dive deep into understanding each client’s unique needs, ensuring a tailor-made experience that celebrates their distinctiveness.

We’re more than just a business in Tulsa—we’re a part of its fabric. Whether it’s networking events, community projects, or local partnerships, our commitment to enrich and uplift our community is unwavering.

Welcome aboard! With Digon Design by your side, entering the digital realm becomes a smooth journey. Our ethos is rooted in transparency, guidance, and education. No question is too basic; we’re here to guide, empower, and ensure your digital voyage is both enlightening and prosperous.

What Our Clients Are Saying

We take our work personally. Telling our client’s stories and helping them succeed online is what we do best. Here’s what they have to say.
Digon Design
Based on 18 reviews
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Lori ZellerLori Zeller
18:45 20 Nov 23
Dominic's approach is exceptionally smart and responsive. I'm looking forward to working together more in the future!
Kath WilliamsKath Williams
15:47 18 Nov 23
Dominic is super helpful! I was having trouble with my Google business page. He quickly got to the root problem and the resolution. Speedy, professional, and super friendly!
Chris FaithChris Faith
12:48 23 Oct 23
Dominic was knowledgeable, up front and professional. Highly recommended for SEO and online advertising.
Chris FaithChris Faith
22:54 20 Jul 23
Gunner PetersonGunner Peterson
16:52 31 May 23
This place is totally awesome. Very affordable. Professional. Did a great job on website designs and our marketing. Results oriented. A business friend of mine in Oklahoma highly recommended Dominic with Digon Designs. Best Regards, Gunner
Mackenzie StanleyMackenzie Stanley
02:18 03 Feb 23
Dominic is not only one of the best in the SEO/web development game, he actually cares about his customers! I have gotten to know him over the last few weeks and he knows his stuff 🙌🏼 10/10 would recommend!
Lacy DavenportLacy Davenport
17:47 02 Feb 23
Digon Design is superior to their competition. The expertise and dedication to helping businesses grow and be found online are outstanding. I have used his services for basic and advance SEO functions and been pleased each time. He is friendly, listens to the full picture and great at devising and executing a plan for your business.
Abby DowdAbby Dowd
17:30 02 Feb 23
My family HVAC company has been working with Dominic for about 9 months now and he's great at what he does! He's always up for answering questions and is great at follow up! I highly recommend his company for your local SEO.
Annie DuncanAnnie Duncan
17:25 02 Feb 23
You won’t find someone more knowledgeable and helpful with website design! Dominic is an expert on all things SEO and stands out amongst the rest! Highly recommend!
Elizabeth KingElizabeth King
17:50 04 Nov 21
I recently worked with Dominic on a website design project for one of my clients and it was the smoothest website project I've ever done. Dominic is professional, a great communicator, very collaborative and creative, plus he turned the project around very quickly to meet a client deadline. I highly recommend working with Dominic for all of your website and SEO projects.

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