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The Power and Perspective of Aerial Imagery in Tulsa, Oklahoma

A rundown on drone photography services.

Welcome to the future of photography – where the sky isn’t the limit, but rather a canvas. 

Gone are the days when aerial drone camera shots were exclusive to blockbuster films and luxury advertisers. 

Using our readily available drone technology, the beauty of Tulsa – from the bustling downtown streets to the serene bends of the Arkansas River – shines in panoramic splendor.

But it’s not just about altitude; it’s about attitude. 

Each drone shot tells a story, recasting familiar Tulsa landmarks into breathtaking works of art.

Fly high into this captivating world with us. Experience a perspective like never before, through the lens of innovation and the soaring eye of the drone camera.

Whether for real estate, event coverage, or artistic endeavors, aerial photography unveils a unique, normally unseen, vantage point.

Discover the power of perspective with drone photography. 

Ready to take flight?

Drone Photography Services Available in the Tulsa Oklahoma area

From capturing breathtaking aerial views to creating detailed 3D models, our drone services encompass a wide range of capabilities tailored to meet your needs.
Drone photo of the sunset above Owasso Oklahoma - Taken by Digon Design

Aerial Photography

Capture stunning visuals from above.

Drone Photo of the Cherry Street Apartment Complex in Tulsa Oklahoma - Taken by Digon Design

Aerial Videography

Bring your story to life with dynamic angles.

A drone photo of the Herman Kate Kaiser YMCA in Tulsa Oklahoma

Drone Photogrammetry

Accurate, high-resolution data collection from above.

A drone photo of Rosewood Elementary in Broken Arrow Oklahoma

Drone Mapping Services

Detailed and precise area maps from a bird's eye view.

A drone photo of the Herman Kate Kaiser YMCA in Tulsa Oklahoma

3D Models

Visualize spaces and structures in intricate detail.

The Tulsa Skyline at Night, lit to perfection. Drone Photo by Digon Design

And More...

Drones evolve quickly, new services coming soon!

Our Drone Content Process

Every step is grounded in precision, passion, and a commitment

Consult & Collaborate

Dive into a personalized consultation. We align with your vision, scope out the desired locations, and chalk out the specific shots or sequences you're aiming for. Your narrative guides our flight.

Pre-Flight Checks & Prep

Safety and efficiency go hand in hand. We analyze weather conditions, secure necessary permits, and ensure our equipment is in top-notch shape. Every flight begins on solid ground.

On-Site Execution

With Tulsa as our backdrop, our expert pilots skillfully maneuver the drones, capturing stunning visuals from vantage points that ground-based photography just can't achieve.

Post-Production Magic

Raw footage is only the beginning. Our post-production team enhances, edits, and stitches together a narrative that doesn't just show a location, but tells its story.

Review & Refinement

Collaboration continues as we present our drafts to you. Feedback loops ensure the final product is in harmony with your vision.

Delivery & Deployment

Once polished to perfection, your aerial masterpieces are delivered in your preferred format, ready to mesmerize your audience for marketing, real estate showcases, events, or pure artistic expression.

See Our Tulsa Drone Work Portfolio

There's nothing that compares to this view.

Drone Photography Pricing

How Much it Costs: Drone Photography Tulsa

Aerial Photography

Customized aerial drone photography to suit your project's specific needs.
$ 249
99   Per Hour
  • 4k Ultra HD Aerial Photography
  • Custom tailored to your project
  • Professional Photo Editing
  • Accurate Color Corrections
  • Next Day Delivery
  • FAA Part 107 Licensed Pilots
  • Wow Factor
Best Seller

Aerial Videography

Customized aerial drone videos to suit your project's specific needs.
$ 249
99   Per Hour
  • 4k60FPS Ultra HD Aerial Videos
  • Custom tailored to your project
  • Professional Video Editing
  • D-Log True Colors
  • Expidited turnaround times
  • FAA Part 107 Licensed Pilots
  • Cinematic Video Quality
  • Subject tracking / chase videos

Aerial Photography & Videography

Aerial photos and videos customized for your project's needs.
$ 449
99   Per Hour
  • 4k Ultra HD Aerial Photos
  • 4k60FPS Aerial Videos
  • Custom tailored to your project
  • Professionally edited
  • Photo + Video Color Correction
  • Next Day Photo Delivery
  • FAA Part 107 Licensed Pilots
  • Cinematic Quality Videos
  • Aerial Photography Wow Factor
  • Photo + Video Package Savings

Drone Photography FAQ

Here are some of our most frequently asked questions and answers.

Drone photography involves capturing images or videos from an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV), offering unique aerial perspectives that traditional photography can’t achieve.

Drone photography provides stunning aerial shots that showcase Tulsa’s landscapes, properties, and events from a fresh perspective, setting your project apart.

Yes, there are FAA regulations and local by-laws governing drone flights. We always make sure our operations are compliant, prioritizing safety and legality.

Weather can impact drone operations. In case of unsuitable conditions, we’ll reschedule the shoot to guarantee optimal results.

Absolutely! Client satisfaction is paramount. We provide previews and accommodate reasonable revisions to meet your vision.

Session durations vary based on project requirements, but a standard shoot usually lasts between 1 – 3 hours.

Yes, we provide both drone photography and videography services, harnessing the latest equipment to deliver crisp visuals.

We take privacy seriously. Our pilots are trained to avoid capturing private areas without permission and adhere strictly to privacy guidelines.

Pricing varies based on project scope, duration, and specific requirements.

On average, our projects in the Tulsa area cost around $349 all in.

Contact us for a tailored quote.

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Dominic is super helpful! I was having trouble with my Google business page. He quickly got to the root problem and the resolution. Speedy, professional, and super friendly!
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Dominic was knowledgeable, up front and professional. Highly recommended for SEO and online advertising.
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This place is totally awesome. Very affordable. Professional. Did a great job on website designs and our marketing. Results oriented. A business friend of mine in Oklahoma highly recommended Dominic with Digon Designs. Best Regards, Gunner
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Dominic is not only one of the best in the SEO/web development game, he actually cares about his customers! I have gotten to know him over the last few weeks and he knows his stuff 🙌🏼 10/10 would recommend!
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My family HVAC company has been working with Dominic for about 9 months now and he's great at what he does! He's always up for answering questions and is great at follow up! I highly recommend his company for your local SEO.
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You won’t find someone more knowledgeable and helpful with website design! Dominic is an expert on all things SEO and stands out amongst the rest! Highly recommend!
Elizabeth KingElizabeth King
17:50 04 Nov 21
I recently worked with Dominic on a website design project for one of my clients and it was the smoothest website project I've ever done. Dominic is professional, a great communicator, very collaborative and creative, plus he turned the project around very quickly to meet a client deadline. I highly recommend working with Dominic for all of your website and SEO projects.

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